Souvenirs of Europe

A souvenir is a thing or a substance used as a remembrance for the person who owned it. It can be any object that you can buy and can bring it to your home. Whether you are buying something for your family, relatives or friends even yourself the first thing to remember is what object to buy and why and for what token remembrance. Following are the different types of souvenirs that you should get on your tour to Europe.

1. Cava-Barcelona, Spain

Not like Paris where one bottle of champagne is very much expensive but in the country of Spain, Barcelona the system is different. Here bottles cost around about two dollars to eight dollars but in your home state, the bottle will sell about twenty dollars. You can even find the special wine shops in South America over here. You should buy vintage and spend some days over there.

2. Mass-Germany

In Germany beer is cheaper than water because of Germany’s love for beer is still alive today. It is called mass because the Germans drink beer in large cups known as mass. If you want to buy the mass of bear you should take a trip to Germany and buy the HB symbol mass bear.

3. Chocolate-Florence, Italy

The Italian chocolate is widely great considered but don’t get as much exported like Swiss in a large number. You can buy Novi branded chocolates for about two dollars in the city of Europe in a bar. If you are eager to buy the chocolates you should travel to the Santa Maria Station in Florence, Italy to buy the box of chocolates for about twelve dollars.

4. Licitar Heart-Croatia

These are very popular in Croatia. Licitars are made from flour and yeast and then shaped like molds to enhance the taste. They are originally known as cakes and are applied different colors most commonly used as red. These Licitars are very old of around the old ages and are used to decorate the Christmas Trees.

5. Tayto Potato Crisps-Dublin, Ireland

They are original of Irish culture as chips and are really loved by everyone. The most recommended flavors to buy are cheese and onion but you can also buy salt and vinegar and many other flavors for about one dollar per package. If you want to buy Tayto Chips in Dublin you should travel to Tayto Park, where you can also meet the owner of the chips known as Mr.Tayto.